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The type and quality of hot stamping foil material and how to choose and determine the use?

[Ming Bo anti-counterfeiting ink printing network] in hot stamping process, selection of printing correctly is very important, good printing will affect printing quality.Table and the printer parts coated and uncoated printing on hot stamping foil requirements are different, some hot stamping foil is dedicated to with a surface coating or surface of the printing layer printing production, and some hot stamping foil is dedicated to the printer parts stamping with other texture.

The correct choice of hot stamping foil material suitable, stamping process implemented and carton design, but also should consider the two factors are very important.Scratch printing ink, if the implementation of a larger area of hot stamping, hot stamping foil material can be easily peeling; if want to hot stamping area is smaller, namely, hot stamping and fine thin, such as hot stamping text and lines, must use the hot stamping foil material is solid and not easy to peel.

In the choice of hot stamping foil, flat hot stamping and rotary hot stamping foil used different.Prescription and production of hot stamping foil targeted strict according to hot stamping, machining process and in different ways, there is strict distinction the foil material.Shenzhen document anti-counterfeiting ink printing in addition, in hot stamping process, precise calculation and determination of right is critical to maintain maximum thermal stress time, hot stamping process and different processing modes that are needed to keep the maximum heating time has the very big difference.

In high speed stamping processing conditions, flat hot stamping to maintain maximum heat stress time was significantly longer than the rotary hot stamping to maintain maximum thermal pressure time.Therefore for rotary hot stamping foil special ink materials compared with the flat hot stamping foil material, should release performance is easier or faster.According to the different hot stamping processing speed of hot stamping foil material suitable for correct selection is very important.

Some printing requirements to printing foil, some printing requirements first hot after printing foil.No matter the prepress hot foil or printed hot foil, must ensure that the printing surface need not being part of the hot foil any type or wax

Grease, and the 38 dyne or higher pressure.In the foil stamping, surface coating and printing ink printing parts must be completely dry, in order to implement the foil stamping.Newspaper printing in addition, surface coating or printing inks are different types, in particular the coating or the specific implementation of foil stamping ink printing, hot stamping foil material must be selected to match, when necessary according to the characteristics of coating or printing, hot stamping foil specially formulated the corresponding custom, the only way to ensure the foil hot stamping quality.This proposal before the implementation of foil stamping, to explore the best matching scheme and uniform implementation of the three common and paint supplier, hot stamping foil ink suppliers and suppliers, to avoid quality problems caused by the material properties do not match.

In a word, to strictly monitor the entire process of foil stamping processing, processing quality and fully meet the user requirements of the hot stamping products, to win the trust of the your user, set your hot stamping expert status in the user's mind, so as to avoid the question of your users printing quality and make you cause unnecessary losses in economy at the same time, a good relationship is also beneficial to strengthen between you and the customer retention.

Whenever possible, you should as far as possible, the correct selection and determine the type and quality of hot stamping foil material you use.In the high-end carton packaging foil stamping fields, if you are the most convincing expert users, must be strictly the material quality and strict processing technology and quality control of the whole process of watermark ink.Allow others to choose and determine the hot stamping foil material can reduce your choice, delay the production and seriously affect the quality of the final product.

The correct selection and make sure you need the foil, your foil material suppliers may be your best source of information and the best staff.If possible and if time permits, the best prior to printing the sample you want to provide to your supplier for hot stamping foil material, allowing them to provide hot stamping foil material and the best match for you.

In addition, the choice of substrate.The new technology innovation, ultimately, is the new machine, once the new technology and new machine only, Shenzhen mooncake box printing factory has added new vitality to the anti-counterfeiting ink printing industry.Improve the work rate, of course also expect this technology to rapid innovation breakthrough.Hope that in the near future, we may be printed in different metal.


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